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java identifer expected?

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Hey guys I am trying to build a simple applet and am having enormous difficulty... I am purposefully trying to do AWAY with the layout manager (for now at least) so I can manually set the location of my controls. Here is my code:
import java.util.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.JApplet.*;

public class MathEngine extends JApplet implements ActionListener
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	// Disable the default layout manager.

	// Global child controls.
	JLabel inputQuestion;
	JLabel answer;
	JButton solve;
	JTextField input;
	JTextField output;
	JButton pi;
	JButton e;
	JButton img;

	public void init()
		// Define the controls.
		inputQuestion = new JLabel("Input Question :");
		answer = new JLabel("Answer :");
		solve = new JButton("SOLVE!");
		input = new JTextField(30);
		output = new JTextField(30);
		pi = new JButton("PI");
		e = new JButton("e");
		img= new JButton("IMG");

		// Add them to the screen.
		this.add(inputQuestion); this.add(answer); this.add(solve);
		this.add(input); this.add(output); this.add(pi); this.add(e);

		// Register an action listener for the SOLVE! JButton.

		// Place the controls on the screen.
		Dimension temp;

                // The rest of this code just re-assigns 'temp' to each control,
                // queries the control with 'getPreferredSize()' and then uses
                // the Dimension to 'setBounds()' -- which is where I want the
                // control located. It's really not important.

	public void start() {}
	public void stop() {}
	public void destroy() {}

	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
		Object source = ae.getSource();

		if(source == this.solve)
                    // Do something

I am getting identifer expected and illegal start of type errors for line #17: this.setLayout(null); I don't get this compilation error in other applets where I do the same exact thing? WTF??

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