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plugin rendering skeleton software... what types of functions do I export?

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Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster I've been a little bored the last couple days and I wrote a launcher program which lets the user select OpenGL or Direct3D as their renderer. In the program's current state it will display an empty window in either rendering environment. The question I have is where do I go from here? Right now my Video DLLs have the basic functions like create, kill, resize, draw etc... everything to get a window up and provide an entry point for the render pass of the game loop. I spent a little while looking at what commercial games export in their rendering DLL files. Outlaws was the first game that came to mind when I thought about plugin based renderers (best game ever). It seems Outlaws provides a common interface between different rendering dlls. Then I looked at UT2004. Their libraries (OGL vs D3D) export completely different functions which leads me to believe that UT2004 doesn't run a plugin type system and must use some kind of active renderer variable. So is there a right way to do this? I was thinking that as a next step I would write a load_raw_triangles method and a display_mesh method to display the triangles. display_mesh would not be exported and would be called by draw. ie draw would loop through all the loaded meshes and draw them Would this be an ok way to write a library? Are there problems ahead? Thanks! t-Roy Link to Game Launcher:

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