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problem with a class function[SOLVED/stupid me]

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I have a class and a struct that look like this:
struct SBullet
 Vector2D position;
 Vector2D direction; // a normal
 double   distance;
 SBullet(Vector2D pos, Vector2D dir);  //dir is normalized
 void Update(double time_elapsed);
 void Render();

class CGun{
  //vector of all the bullets
  vector<SBullet> m_vBullets;
  //vector of all the enemies, afterwards I'll add the player to
  vector<CVehicle*> m_vEnemies;
  //update all bullets
  void  Update(double time_elapsed); 
  //add another bullet
  void  AddBullet(CVehicle* hunter, CVehicle* prey);
  //render the bullets
  void  Render();

void SBullet :: Render()
  glVertex3f((position.x)*0.4-20, (position.y)*0.4-20, 0);
  glVertex3f((position.x + direction.x)*0.4-20, 
             (position.y + direction.y)*0.4-20, 0);

void CGun :: Render()
  for(int i = 0; i < m_vBullets.size(); i++)

But for some reason I get this error in the last function: 54 C:\Dev-Cpp\Examples\steering\CGun.cpp statement cannot resolve address of overloaded function Why the error? Thanks.

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