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OpenGL Renderer design suggestions?

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Hi, I am working on my 3d editor again after a little break. At the bottom you see the data layout which suits perfectly the requirements for editable data. However I have to implement a renderer now. The simples solution would be to use display lists (I am using opengl). But the code shall be compatible with D3D so I guess I should use vertex arrays... The question is how would you implement the vertex array generation? The mesh class is a member of my geometry class. A mesh can contain triangles with different textures assigned to it. Would you store the vertex array data in the geometry object or would you rather apply some space partition and store the vertex data in the partition tree's leafs? So each leaf contains a few vertex arrays that contain the vertex data of all the objects in the leaf's space. and upon editing of a mesh you have to rebuild the leaf/leafs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
class vertex
		cross::vector3d		m_vecPos;
		cross::vector3d		m_vecNormal;
		cross::vector3d		m_vecTexCoords[MAX_TEXCOORDS];
class triangle
		uint32			m_uiIndex;
		uint32			m_uiShader;
		vertex			m_Vertices[3];
typedef std::pair< uint32, uint32 >	VertexID;
	typedef std::list< triangle >		TriangleList;
	typedef std::vector< VertexID >		VertexIndexArray;
	typedef std::list< VertexIndexArray > VertexIndex;

	class mesh
		TriangleList	m_Triangles;
		VertexIndex		m_VertexIndex;

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