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Problem with GeoMipMapping !

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I've build up my terrain with the following: Quad-Tree => level 0 : 513x513 vertices, 9 geomipmaps level 1 : 257x257 vertices, 8 geomipmaps level 2 : 129x129 vertices, 7 geomipmaps level 3 : 65x65 vertices, 6 geomipmaps level 4 : 33x33 vertices, 5 geomipmaps level 5 : 17x17 vertices, 4 geomipmaps level 6 : 9x9 vertices, 3 geomipmaps level 7 : 5x9 vertices, 2 geomipmaps The only problem is how to choose the approriate geomipmap level. Currently I'm doing the following which doesn't work correcly:
fMinDistance[lev_mip-1] = 

(MAX_ERROR * 0.1f * screen_y_size) / 
(2.0f * TAU * sqrtf(2.0f * powf(tanf(FOV * 0.5), 2.0f)));

Then, in recursive rendering function I do the following: If distance from camera to center of current "block" is more than next fMinDistance[lev_mip], switch to it. Else if distance from camera to center of current "block" is less than previous fMinDistance[lev_mip], switch to it. Render with selected lev_mip or render with base "block" if no lev_mip is selected. Could you investigate how the correct fMinDistance SHOULD be calculated??

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