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chip8 emulation

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I have some Problems with interpreting chip8 code. Here's an example of a problem of understanding what the code wants to do: from the game Pong: 0x6A02 //Register A=02 0x6B0C //Register B=0C 0x6C3F //Register C=3F 0x6D0C //Register B=0C 0xA2EA //Instruction Pointer = 2EA since the code is 245(decimal) characters long and the memory of the chip8 starts at adress 0x200 I would say I should continue at character EA (and interpret the instruction pointer as bytes), since else it would point somewhere out of the code. so when i look there the code goes like follows: 0x8080 //Register 0 = Register 8 0x8080 //Register 0 = Register 8 0x8080 //Register 0 = Register 8 doesnt make any sence, does it? 0x0000 so is there someone who knows about chip8 and can tell me what im interpreting wrong here? EDIT: im incrementing the instruction pointer by 2 after every instruction since one instruction is 2 bytes.

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