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[fixed and helped] Making a Game list using vectors and iterators...

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Hey guys lookin for maybe some hints on a problem I have that I think (although I am not sure) is just an issue of me not knowing the proper command to do it.. So in this book I am going through Beginning C++ Game Programming and for one of the End of the chapter challenges he asks "Write a program using vectors and iterators that displays a list of a person s favorite video gamse. The program should be able to list all games, add a game and remove a game." So I have not figured everything out with how I am going to accomplish this but first I decided just to test and see how to accomplish some things and how they work before I let the user input the changes etc. So I have decided to use a function for adding a game and that was easy enough I just did

string newGame = addGame("Enter a new game: ");

And that did the trick for adding but what I get stuck on is a way for a user to input the name of the game they want to remove and then have the program remove that game from the list. The only command I know is gameList.pop_back(); which doesn't really accomplish what I want. Anyway thanks for your help :) [Edited by - Sria on April 21, 2006 5:50:02 PM]

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Ok, I atleast figured out how to do it now although I think i may have sort of scurted the issue with a work around. I don't know if that's considered cheating or not, but if you're interested what I did was:

to display i did

int i = 0;
for (listGames = gameList.begin(); listGames != gameList.end(); ++listGames)
cout<< i <<" - "<< *listGames << endl;

int remove = removeGame("Please select the number of the game you would like to remove. - ";
gameList.erase((gameList.begin() + remove) - 1);

So anyway i got that to work.

Thank you jyk for the website, I bookmarked it but to be honest when I was looking around I did find something that might work but don't yet have the knowledge to understand what it was saying and how to correctly implement it.

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