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Black Glacier Games

Game Engines With C++

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A full game engine would be made up of lots and lots of small libraries. You have to break it down in to managable chunks otherwise it gets on top of you and you dont finish it. You may end up with 100s of classes so be prepared to organise.

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Black Glacier Games,

I started a similar topic that has grown to be quite helpful. Perhaps you can find it useful:

Game Engine Design Questions

I hope this helps, It was just started yesterday and will probably continue to grow - it contains questions, answers, and discussion on designing a game engine and includes a rough draft flowchart and a better looking visio flowchart.

Hope this helps,

Jerry Smith
Iota Beta chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Original post by Black Glacier Games
thanks but i don't know how to link libraries or write them. could you help me with that?

If you are using MS Visual C++, you select what you are building when you start a new project (a windows app, a console app, a lib, a dll, etc...)

Other C++ IDEs probably have something similar or a template program of those types.

One idea for DLLs -- if you are going to script your game using C++ (maybe with macros to simplify) instead of an imbedded script language like LUA, then you can put those C++ scripts into DLLs so that you only have to rebuild them -- instead of your entire project.

(supposedly recompiling is supposed to take a long time but my 100000 code line project compiles in seconds...... must be the way I structure my #includes etc...)

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