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Debugging tutorial

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Hi everyone, I am currently working an a debugging tutorial targeted at common problems encauntered in the NeHe and OpenGL forums. I will cover OpenGL specific debugging techniques aswell as some more general that can be usefull. What I have thought of including till now:
  • The glGetError function and some handy tricks to make it easier to use
  • Using a debuger to fix Access Violation (SegFaults)
  • Using a memory debuger (valgrind) to fix memory corruptions
  • Visualizing normals to fix lighting issues
Can you think of anything else that might be usefull to include? Also I use the gnu tool chain for the examples since that is what I am familiar with, so I could use some help from someone who knows both the gnu and the MS Visual Studio tool chains, to "translate" the examples. Any other comments are wellcome as well.

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