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The Definition of Control

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Tradone    100
When reading several C++ books, I've seen that some people name their classes Control. It seems like the control class is like the brain, and makes decisions. The center of the program. These books don't go into detail about explaining the definition of control. Would you be kind enough to breifly give me an easy to understand definition and example of a control? Thanks!

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pcxmac    100
My guess is that a Controller is a "Regulator" for an interface.

con·trol (k…n-tr½l“) tr.v. con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trols. 1. To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.

The Memory Controller

Every computer has within it a hardware logic circuit called the memory controller. This is the part of the system that, well, controls the memory. It generates the necessary signals to control the reading and writing of information from and to the memory, and interfaces the memory with the other major parts of the system. The memory controller is normally integrated into the system chipset.


Controllers, when used in computing and especially in computer hardware, often occur when interfacing with peripherals. See for example:

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