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Does this function pointer make sense?

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I've been trying to get this right but I am having a lot of trouble: double (*inputFunc)((list<double>) &); this is suppose to be a function pointer to a function that might look like:
double haha(list<double> &x)
  // do stuff to x
  return 0.0;

Is this correct? The compiler disagrees with me, but I don't know what I should do to correct it(and I have not had too much exposure to function pointers).

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Original post by Programmer One
Original post by Sagar_Indurkhya
double (*inputFunc)((list<double>) &);

Well thar's yar problem. You forgot yar typedef.

typedef double (*inputFunc)((list<double>) &);

Shouldn't it be:
typedef double (*inputFunc)(list<double>&);

Without the extra parentheses?

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