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[web] MLS Alpha Version for Evalution - Rate my Software

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Well here's the alpha release of a MLS Listing Service. This is what I've been doing with my C++ forum program last year, but I just got done with the preview view yesterday, and got done testing today. MLS Main in new page MLS Preview in new page MLS Input Form in new page ( When you submit test images, please upload houses. B/c I'm getting paid to make this site. ) and of course this is the Link to the actual site. It's in my native language. I just do the software and train ppl with HTML in my workplace, so I didn't write the HTML for that. Shinhwa.usNow this is what I made 3 months ago. This site is also using my software, but only the image upload thingy. Doesn't have any moving previews. Any Comments? Thanks for Visiting. Oh and btw, Search doesn't work yet. ( Search works in the older version, but the older versions are extremely slow so I had to recode my software again took me nearly a month ) edit: JESUS CHRIST THIS LOOKS AWEFUL ON OPERA, I GOTTA FIX IT QUICK!! [Edited by - Tradone on May 8, 2006 7:17:32 PM]

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