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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't find any other more related to this topic. Those of you out there who have your own game development studio/team/company, how do you keep orginized? What type of software and tools do you use, and what do you need? Me and a couple of friends are going to *try* and start ouor own studio, of course starting with small arcade games. Any tips you can give us about what we need to stay orginized and on the same page? Do we need a special web-based center where each team meber has thier own account, which they can use to upload their latest code/art/map/texture. That way, a team member can always go and get the latest files. Or should we jsut use our forums in a hidden section to comunicate and give out the latest code and design document?

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There's actually a lot that you should have, starting with a business plan.

But as far as software goes, you may want some of the following:

Scheduling software, like MS Project. It can be expensive and you'll need good knowledge of the application in order to make good use of it.. but if your projects require scheduling then you'll likely need a producer/project manager of some sort who should be able to handle this aspect.

A bug tracking tool for QA, though it'd depend on how you plan on handling QA.

Version control is important, regardless of the size of your project. Popular ones are SVN, Alienbrain and Perforce.

If any of these simple things are new to you, I suggest doing a lot of research and perhaps gaining some more management experience before starting a company. Small developers can often handle it when they're doing simple games that require only a handful of people to make, but when things start to get bigger then you'll find that your teams needs will change and I highly recommend obtaining a person with business and/or project management experience to help out.


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