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C# MDX :: Rotating a Triangle on User Input?

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Hey, everyone. I've been learning more about Managed DX using C#. Now, I have set up the world, view, and projection matrices. And I drew a simple colored triangle. Everything works well. Now, I would like to get user input from arrow keys, and rotate the triangle. I have 3 float values (x, y, z of course =P). I use the "Form1_OnKeyDown" function to get user input for arrow keys, and update x, y, and z. Now, how do I rotate the triangle? I know I have to use matrices, but how/what do I call in order to rotate the triangle/scene by x, y, and z? Thanks in advance, Matt U. BTW, this is VS .NET 2005. =)

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Well, if you want to just rotate the triangle around X, Y, or Z axis, then you just need to write:

device.Transform.World = Matrix.Rotation*(angle);

Where the * represents any of the three axis (X, Y, or Z) and the angle is a float value specifying how much you want to rotate.

If you want to rotate around an axis that's not X, Y or Z, you'll be using:

device.Transform.World = Matrix.RotationAxis(axisVector, angle);

Where axisVector is a Vector3 object that specifies the axis of rotation and angle is the same as before.

Hope that helps get you started.


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