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Simple 3ds max question

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I want to: Connect newly created vertex to existing selected vertex, forming a new edge. I read the included tutorial; the closest I found was drawing lines as part of a spline. Still, it doesn't seem to cover creating/connecting edges. BTW, it's very easy to do the above in Blender

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You are right; my mistake was that I was in Edit Mesh mode the entire time.

It seems if I select an isolated vertex in space and a vertex in the mesh, I cannot connect them to form an edge.

Currently, I add new vertex as follows:
select an edge AB, insert vertex C in between AB.
Drag C to desired position.
Select vertex A,B, and connect them again to form edge.

Probably better way exists?

Original post by nibbuler
All you have to do is select both vertices, assuming you're working with a poly, not a mesh (which you should be doing, anyway), right click and select connect.

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