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Help finding an old thread (sprite)

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Hey guys, A few weeks ago (maybe two or three) I was on the forums and came across a thread where a guy was asking for help. I'm not quite sure what it was for EXACTLY but I know it had to do with 2d sprites for an RPG project. A member then posted a picture of a "naked" sprite telling him it was the template he followed for all his toons. Now I went through all the threads in the visual arts board but I can't find it! I'm guessing threads disapear after a while?? Anyways if anyone knows what I'm talking about it would help out a lot because this guy's sprite was great. I had started to learn how to use different shades of a colour to make "shadows" on a 32x32 sprite instead of using a black outline. I remember the sprite had a brown outline and used the same brown to define specific areas (I mostly remember around the stomach). Thanks for any help :D

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