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Fighting Game Character And Animation Control

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I'm currently creating a Fighting Game for a Final Project in a Game Design & Development class. My game has roughly 25 animations per character and is a 3D world with 2D fighting game sprites. I have a class called "Sprite" that handles the rendering and control of a simple sprite object and then an extended class called "AnimationSprite" that inherits from "Sprite" and adds the ability to animate the sprite. The animatedsprite has a structure called "Animation" that defines a single animation that can be using one texture or multiple textures for animating the sprite, and a time length. I can play, stop, loop a number of animations. What would the best way to control the fighter's actions and animation? Instead doing an overly complex if...then statement manually checking every possiblity of movement and input i'd like to have general rules setup so adding animations would be relatively simple and not require editing tons of code.

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