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Where to start....?

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Everywhere seems to have help for developers with some experience, but none for people with no experience atall *me newb* I can write stories and books and create worlds etc. etc. and I spend all my other time playing games, and ive always wanted to put one of my worlds into game form and I have NO idea where to start, could anyone give me a pointer? P.S, I do have a lot of experience with computer use and different software, however I cant code or animate.

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The answer really depends on what it is you want to do.

Game development has many different areas and each requires a competent level of skill to do it effectively.

When I was first curious about making games I started modding the FPS i was playing using its own map making tools and a community that was very supportive.

I learnt a lot from being part of mod teams and gradually determined that the key areas of developments fell into categories:

Networking (if required)

Game Art
3D modelling & Animating

Game Design

If your question is what area should you choose I dont think anyone can answer, but if (as I suspect) your question is where can I get experience of all of these areas I would recommend using a game creation tool like "Torque" or "3D game maker". There are others for other genres just let me know what your interested in and I will find a list somewhere.

They will aquaint you with the game dev process and give you an understanding of the whole procedure.

If you are interested in programming a game from the ground up a good place to start would probably be a good book. I got "Beginning c++ game programming" by michael Dawson and I am still using it for reference.

If I have missed the point let me know :)

Hope this helps and good luck.

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