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Episodic paradigm is not new!

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The episodic model for developing and distributing games is not new, at least at its fundamental level. Of course, for development, games have been partitioned into episodes since Day One. For distribution, we need to remember the shareware model. Remember shareware? The first episode was released to get you hooked on the game. This was followed by the full game, usually two more episodes. Then, if the game was successful (or even sometimes not), there was a stream of add-on packs, each equal to a new episode. We should all bow to Scott Miller for the "invention" of episodic distribution. Digital distribution systems, like Steam, have made it feasible for us to go full-blown with this model and actually release episodes as they are finished. A full chest of treasures are offered from this model, most important to us being the shortened feedback loop between us and our audience.

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