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SDL and External API's

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I am in the process of looking for a cross platform way of window management, and I am currently looking at SDL. I will be using multiple API's within the system (both DirectX and OpenGL dependant on the system and the user), and I am concerned this will cause me small problems in the future. I have looked at this tutorial (Direct3D 9.0 with SDL ), and it seems relatively simple, but I am concerned about any overheads I may be carrying with me. I am going to initialise SDL with the SDL_INIT_VIDEO flag only to cut down on unnecessary systems, but my main concern is when I call SDL_SetVideoMode. If I specify SDL_RESIZABLE only, what does the system do with the bpp variable? Is SDL creating a system that I will not be using and (worst case) slowing anything down? Also, specifying SDL_FULLSCREEN should make it full screen? Again, how would this work with the DirectX surfaces? Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks Spree

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