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PlaySound Errors

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Hi its been a while since my last post but i cant stay away from here :D Anyway im using Visual Studio 2005 and when i compile my project i get an unresolved external link error, i beleive i need to include a lib file but i cant find the tool to do so in vc2005. can anyone help?? if you need more detail just ask.

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how is this a PlaySound error? i have vc2003, so it might be the same. but here's how i link libs:
Create new Project.
On the top toolbar, click project->ProjectName properties
Then click on the Linker tab->Input
On the Additional Dependencies text box, put in whatever libraries you want to use. for PlaySound you'll need winmm.lib and you'll need to include <mmsystem.h>

for OpenGL, you'll want to link opengl32.lib glu32.lib (if you want GL Utilities), glaux.lib (if you want GL Auxiliary Functions), and glut32.lib (if you want GL Utilities Toolkit)

Hope that helps


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