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converting float to char* in C++

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matrisking    282
Is there an easy way to convert a float to char*? I'd like to be able to pass a float to the output stream initializer along with an extension. So, for example, a list of floats with the first number in the list indicates the ID of the list (cannot just name the lists the ID in this case), so I would like to extract the first entry of the list, add a .nmut extention to it, and create an ouput stream for a file called (for example) "2.nmut" Thanks!

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Enigma    1410
std::ofstream file((boost::lexical_cast< std::string >(my_float) + "my_extension").c_str());
// or
std::ostringstream convertor;
convertor << my_float << "my_extension";
std::ofstream file(convertor.str().c_str());


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