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Checking for repeated characters in a character array

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I'm having some problems doing this... my plan was to take the last letter in my array and then check it against all of the preceding letters to see if their were any duplicates (example: In the name John Smith it would meet this condition when the cycle compared the third term to the last) and if so change that dupicate to a space ( this is mainly because I already have a function that will remove spaces and change all the letters to caps and so fourth...) But it's not working so well. My code is currently: i=0; j=2; length=strlen(encrypter); k=strlen(encrypter); for (k=length-1; k>=0; k=k-1) { for (i=0; i<length-j; i++) { if (encrypter[k]==encrypter[i]) { encrypter[k]=' '; } j++; i=length-j; } i=0; } It only ever eliminates one letter in the array though...

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I don't see why you make it so complicated. What is the variable j for?
Try this way:

for (i = 0; encrypter[i] != 0; ++i)
for (j = i + 1; encrypter[j] != 0; ++j)
if (encrypter[i] == encrypter[j])
encrypter[i] = ' ';

I haven't tested this, but it should work.

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