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Incorrect Alpha Blending with Particles

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I’m having difficulty locating the problem I’m having with my program. For some reason when I run the program the color value which I am applying to each particle is not taking effect, rather all the particle’s color is being set to a blue color. This is the first time I’ve worked with alpha blending so it very well could be a stupid error. Below I have the code for my particle system. The files I’m using as the texture is a .bmp gray scale 64x64 picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of how it should look (using a particle engine i found online) Here is how mine currently looks: Here is the code (this is writen in DirectX) PS: And yes I have compaired my source with the one I found online... but after 5 hours I still have not found the answer PPS: If more of my code is needed let me know, I only posted what I think is the problem

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