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knotvalues with gluNurbsCurve ??!?!?!

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pir    122
Hi! I am trying to draw net shapes with gluNurbsCurve. The reason is that I want the automatic calculated normals so the net shape can be shaded. I am hoping to be able to draw sharp edges by duplicating the controll points. The reason is that the shape is drawn with GL_LINE_STRIP and glVertex in the old code, but I want some kind of normals so I can shade it, and am hoping to produce exact same shape this way with NURBS. But now I have a big problem assigning knot values... Lets say I have four controll points: [-.3, .3, 0], [-.3, .3, 0], [.3, .3, 0], [.3, .3, 0] drawn with degree 1 After what I've read is that I need: number_on_knots = degree + number_of_controll_points + 1. What values should I assign theses values to? What is the strategy? I want to generate knot values automaticly for nurbs with a large number of controll points. And the NURB curve should pass threw the controll points, produce sharp edges if the controll points define sharp edges.

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Cacks    179

I'm not an extert on NURBS, but know a bit. Try using a uniform knot vector. That is one that starts with a full multipicity knot, then simple knots and ends with a full multiplicity. I think a full multiplicity knot has degree+1 many knots of the same value in OpenGL.


knots[] = {0,0,1,2,3,3};

Hopefully that will get it working

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