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Memory problems...

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Hi everybody! (Hi Dr.Nick!

I'm having some memory/pointer problems in my engine, and I hope
someone could help me...

I have a class called CPolygon which looks something like this:


int m_iNumVertices;
int m_pVertices[ 8 ];
CTextureCoord m_pTextureCoords[ 8 ];

int m_iTexture;
int m_iLightmap;
CPlane m_cPlane;
long m_bRendered;

CPolygon(int iNumVerts)
m_iNumVertices = iNumVerts;
m_iTexture = BM_TEXTURE_NONE;
m_iLightmap = BM_TEXTURE_NONE;
m_cPlane = CPlane();
m_bRendered = 0; //Set to frame number

Now, because switching between texture in hardware can be slow, I want to use
a system of sorting my polygon by their texture, and draw all the polygon with
one texture first, and so on. So I created a new class...

class CPolygonSystem
CPolygon *m_cPolygons;
int m_iMaxPolygons;
int m_iNumPolygons;
CPolygon *m_cSorted;

CPolygonSystem(int iPolygons)
m_cPolygons = (CPolygon*)new CPolygon[iPolygons];
m_cSorted = (CPolygon*)new CPolygon[iPolygons];
m_iMaxPolygons = iPolygons;
m_iNumPolygons = 0;
delete m_cPolygons;
delete m_cSorted;
m_iMaxPolygons = 0;
m_iNumPolygons = 0;
CPolygon *GetPolygon(int iNum)
return (CPolygon*)&m_cPolygons[iNum];
void _GetPolygon(CPolygon *poly, int iNum)
memcpy( (CPolygon*)poly, (CPolygon*)&m_cPolygons[iNum], sizeof(CPolygon) );
void AddPolygonToRender(CPolygon *Polygon)
m_iNumPolygons += 1;
if(m_iNumPolygons < m_iMaxPolygons )
memcpy( (CPolygon*)&m_cPolygons[m_iNumPolygons - 1], (CPolygon*)&Polygon, sizeof( CPolygon ) );

Now I wanted to test this system...

CPolygonSystem *cSyst = new CPolygonSystem(1000);
CPolygon *Poly = new CPolygon(5);

Poly->m_iTexture = 153;
cSyst->AddPolygonToRender( Poly );

CPolygon *Tmp;
// cSyst->_GetPolygon( Tmp, 0 );
Tmp = cSyst->GetPolygon( 0 );

log_file = fopen("beam.txt","wt");
handle_error( ERROR_CONSOLE, "Numverts %d - Texture %d", Tmp->m_iNumVertices, Tmp->m_iTexture);
handle_error( ERROR_CONSOLE, "\nNumverts %d - Texture %d", Poly->m_iNumVertices, Poly->m_iTexture);


Now this gives the output:
Numverts 7866096 - Texture 1984
Numverts 5 - Texture 153
Not really what I wanted it too, when I use the _GetPolygon instead, the program crashes.
Any idea what could be the problem?

TIA, Tobias

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