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Perspective View: Looking for Opinion

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Hello, I am working on a remake of micro machines. It’s a top/down view with a little bit of perspective. I am wondering if someone can help me out and try it. You can play with the some constants that influence the perspective transformation. i would be very interested to know what values for these constant most people like. the executable is here: if you run the game a DirectX window and a console window will pop up. use number from 1 to 8 to play with the constant for best view. 1/2 increase/decrease variable a 3/4 increase/decrease variable b 5/6 increase/decrease variable d 7/8 increase/decrease variable c Press 9 to output the values of these variables to the console. After you are satisfied with the view, I would like you to send me the values for these variables. Either post here or email to Also if you have any comments/suggestions feel free to email or post. Thanks

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