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fx normal mapping and .x files

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I would like to add normal mapping to the x-meshes through the DX effects, but it does not look correctly. I think problem may be something with tangent and binormal, which x file does not includes. How can I change the x file to support normal mapping? Shoudl I use CloneMesh(), or UpdateSemantics()? ... but how?

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You should first allocate space for the tangent and binormal vectors by calling CloneMesh and then using D3DXComputeTangent to have D3D calculate them for you based on your existing texture coordinates and normals.

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Thanks for the replies, but there's still problem with tangent/binormal generation. D3DXComputeTangent() just don't work. Here is the code...

DWORD dwVertexStride = pTempMesh->GetNumBytesPerVertex ();

if (SUCCEEDED (pTempMesh->GetDeclaration (meshDeclaration)))
DWORD dwNumDeclarations = 0;
for (i=0; (i < MAX_FVF_DECL_SIZE) && (meshDeclaration.Stream != 0xFF); i++)
// tangent
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].Stream = 0;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].Offset = (WORD)dwVertexStride;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].Type = D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT3;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].Method = D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].Usage = D3DDECLUSAGE_TANGENT;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations].UsageIndex = 0;
// binormal
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].Stream = 0;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].Offset = (WORD)(dwVertexStride + 3*sizeof(float));
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].Type = D3DDECLTYPE_FLOAT3;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].Method = D3DDECLMETHOD_DEFAULT;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].Usage = D3DDECLUSAGE_BINORMAL;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 1].UsageIndex = 0;
// ending element
memset (&meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 2], 0, sizeof(D3DVERTEXELEMENT9));
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 2].Stream = 0xFF;
meshDeclaration[dwNumDeclarations + 2].Type = D3DDECLTYPE_UNUSED;

if (SUCCEEDED (pTempMesh->CloneMesh (pTempMesh->GetOptions(), meshDeclaration, g_pD3DDevice, &pClonedMesh)))
// return S_OK
pTempMesh->Release ();
pTempMesh = pClonedMesh;

pTempMesh->UpdateSemantics (meshDeclaration); // return S_OK

// tangent/binormal computing
D3DXComputeTangent (pTempMesh, 0, 0, 0, 1, pdwAdjacency); // return S_OK

Than when I lock vertex buffer and look to the tangents/binormals there are all zeros. Model is pure box with 24 vertices and with texture coordinates already presented. What should I do to properly compute tan/bin ?

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