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Need Help With borland stuff PLEASE !!!

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You can try programming 3D in TC 3.0 but you can't call the 3dfx card.
For that you need a windows programming language (I recommend VC++).

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Hey. When you say Borland C++ 3, do you mean C++Builder 3? If you do, then you can program without forms. Just create a new project. Click File, New, and select Console Wizard. On the dialog box that comes up, select GUI Console App, or something that looks like that. Then, it should give you an empty project, with one source file, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, that way you wont have forms.
Delphi is pretty fast, but I've never used it. I would assume C++ Builder is faster, since C++ is generally faster than Pascal, but it probably isn't that much faster.

E-mail me if you have any questions


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You can also write your games using C++ Builder with forms. It might be a bit slower, but it is normally ok.

C++ Builder is not generally faster than Delphi, because the VCL is written in Pascal and the code is the same. If you don't use VCL it is faster, definitely.


Skullpture Entertainment

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C++Builder is too much easier than VC++,
we do write all of our games in Borland's
C++ Builder 4.0, you can ignore all VCL
features and do whatever you want
for a starting point do these steps :

in OnCreate Event of your main form write
these codes

Width = GetSystemMetrics ( SM_CXSCREEN ) ;
Height = GetSystemMetrics ( SM_CYSCREEN ) ;
Brush->Style = bsClear ;

the last line tells the builder to not
updating the screen, it must be done by your
engine using ddraw or...

your main game loop must be called in the
OnIdle isr routine. for more information on
how this is done take a look at builder's
help topics on OnIdle.
C++Builder is good and fast for game
programming believe me

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i wanted to know if it was possible to program in borland c++ 3 WITHOUT the form and have it not stuff up? i was also wondering if it was possible to do 3d in it. last question is delphi faster or is c++ builder?

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