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Unity Please help. Programming in C with SDL.

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I'm trying to make a game in C using SDL. I have no clue how to implement an entity system and there seems to be no resources/tutorials that cover C. There are many SDL ones that cover Python, Java, C++, but not C. Can anyone please direct me to some tutorial, source code, or community that focuses on C and SDL? Thanks.

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Entities are almost by definition objects, so it will be quite ugly to write an entity system in C. However, you can substitute wherever you see a design pattern thus in an OO language (pseudo-code, some example stuff that might be in an entity):
class Entity {
Vector position, speed;

bool CollidesWith(Entity target);
void Render(Renderer target);

... with some C:
typedef struct {
// Fields go in here
Vector position, speed;
} entity_t;
typedef entity_t* entity_p;

// 'Methods', and property accessers, become
// C functions. Notice how the first parameter
// becomes the 'this' object, i.e.
// ent.Method(p1, p2) -> Entity_Method(ent, p1, p2)
bool Entity_CollidesWith(entity_p this, entity_p target){

// References to other 'objects' in your game probably
// become function pointers
typedef void()* render_func; // syntax may be wrong!
void Entity_Render(entity_p this, render_func f){ ... }

Check out the Quake II source code, which I believe is basically straight up C, for a proper game with entity code done this way. I still think it's shoehorning an OO problem into a non-OO language and you'd be better off switching, though.

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