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mbcs vs char sqlite3

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hello, i am trying to access data in the sqlite db that was created and stored as utf-16. the calling routines do not have unicode defined, rather data is manipulated and handled as a mbcs through mutlitbytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte calls, in win32. the sqlite db is accessed through the dll interface and is not compiled into the calling dll. i am using the sqlite_open16 api call with no problem. however, i do not get any data passed back as mbcs, everything is in char * format. questions: when enumerating the tables and indices - should these be passed back as mbcs or sbcs? exec( "select * from sqlite_master;" ) since there is no sqlite_exec16 call, does the sqlite_open16 force all data to be sent back as mbcs? if so, why am i getting pointers with data in char* format vs wchar_t format? ... when doing sqlite_exec("select * from user_data;") calls using sqlite v3.3.5 windows win32 sdk - no mfc routines are in a win32 dll that load the sqlite.dll and call the sqlite routines. recap: sqlite_open16 works. i can dump the db and physically see that the data is stored in utf-16 format. data sent back is in char * format. thank you, art

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