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VS2005 TIFF Library Crash

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I am using VS2005 Express to build some example code that uses OpenGL, GLUT, and the TIFF Library. I am using the precompiled TIFF developer package for Windows. The code is not mine, but it keeps crashing (...has encountered a problem and needs to close). Now to hunt down the problem. I am wondering if the problem could be they built it with a different compiler. Here are the dependencies.
    TIFF* tif = NULL;
    int idx;
    for( idx = 0; idx < ogld::OGLDif::instance()->getDataPathSize(); idx++)
        std::string fullPath = ogld::OGLDif::instance()->getDataPath( idx ) + fileName;
        tif = TIFFOpen( fullPath.c_str(), "r" );
        if (tif)
    if (!tif)
        return false;

    uint32 w, h;
    size_t npixels;
    uint16 photometric;
    uint16 config;
    uint16 samples;

    TIFFGetField( tif, TIFFTAG_PHOTOMETRIC, &photometric ); // CRASH!!!!!
    assert( photometric == PHOTOMETRIC_RGB );
    TIFFGetField( tif, TIFFTAG_PLANARCONFIG, &config );
    assert( config == PLANARCONFIG_CONTIG );

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I've never used this library but according to what I've read on other websites, your usage seems correct.

Did you try running it in a debugger? At least to know what's the "crash"?

Are you sure its not your assert function that's crashing? I've seen assert implementations that did ugly things (such as *(int*)0 = 0; to "stop" the execution)


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Well this is annoying.

Express decides to tell me (for the Debug version):

This application has failed to start because MSVCP80D.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

EDIT: The DLL error went away so I was able to use the debugger. I found it definitely fails on that function call. Access violation reading location 0x00000245.

[Edited by - Boder on May 1, 2006 1:25:49 AM]

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Somehow the TIFF structure isn't allocated properly, I'm wondering if MSVCRT could be not allowing allocation.

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