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[MDX]-Updating skinnedmesh hierarchy (SkinnedMesh example)

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Hi guys, I have managed to access each skeletal member of the model used by the SkinnedMesh example in the Feb 2006 version using VS 2005. The user now presses a button to rotate a limb around a defined axis (x,y,z) using the D3DXFRAMEFIND function to locate the limb and MatrixRotationX/Y/Z to rotate the limb.Other than that, no modifications have been made to the code provided. Although I can get the selected limb to rotate, the mesh hierarchy does not update itself automatically, therefore when any limb is accessed, the model looks disfigured (Tiny's leg sticking out of her back...etc). I understand that the mesh hierarchy needs to be updated...etc.Is there a way to access,update and render the model when the user inputs the command? Thanks. [Edited by - titokowaru on May 1, 2006 2:44:39 PM]

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