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3D Object Simplifier [Silhouette extraction]

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hi i like to implement an algorithme which would be able to remove inner nodes of an 3D object. means i have to reduce the number of polygons with a constraint says the object has to remove only all inner primitives, the outter it mustn't touch! exist there a tool which is able to do this for 3ds files? or how can i implement this as easy as possible thanks 3dhelp <-> adegli

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Do you want to render a siluette, if so, removing "inner" data won't help. The siluette "needs different data" depending on the angle it's at.

If you only ever need it from one angle, you could make a 2d mesh out of it and simplify away everything that isn't a "siluette edge". This can be done in most 3d-editors easily.

If all you want to do is render a siluette, there are way easier ways of doin' that. :D

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ok, i know it would be a quite complex problem to solve, but i guess it would be
one of the best way to compute shadow caster for high resolved meshes. i have very
big models, so i like to remove the inner nodes, normaly hiden, and i like to
cast shadows only for the visible nodes (outside, silhouette)

then i like alos use the convex hull of them to do interaction with the objects.

also what i am looking for is....
(a) good algorithme to compute shadow casters from big objects
(b) if possible object polgon reduction by holding the object surface
(c) ...


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