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Source code for a Menu System

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I'm sure Genesis3D has a menu-system included, if the engine has not, it's included in the demo source. Although, there has been a topic on creating a quake-like-console on the lionhead discussion board on

I guess working through such big sources as Genesis3D uses takes much more time than writing your own one, so it'd be useless and it's always a good training writing your own stuff.


Skullpture Entertainment

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Think of the menuing system as some objects,
for example the options page or the help
page, or the main menu, are all objects
(classes) which have some states like INIT,
KILL, RUN,... and some functions specialy a Focus member function in your main game loop
you do focus all of these objects and they do
their action depending on the state they have
at the moment, moving from main menu to the
options page is as easy as changing the state
of the main menu object into some idle state and the options menu object to RUN state or
something alike, it's similar to FSM ( Finite
Statement Machines ), your exit item or the
game engine are also objects that you do
focus them in your main game loop, this is a
very flexible idea and makes UI coding too
much easier.
I do usualy write the code of the UI system
in our games and use this idea for all games
we have done, it's almost a framework.
hope you have got the idea

--Ali Seyedof (It's all dark !)

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Guest Anonymous Poster

I was wondering if anyone can recommend some decent modular menu source code. I wish to implement something along the lines of a Quake-style menu. I've been through the Doom source, and it's fine but it all feels a bit too hard coded. Rewriting my own is an option, but that is reinventing the wheel for the nth time.

Is there any generic menu C/C+ source someone could point me at?


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