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The Indie Developers Guide to Selling Games Now Available

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The Indie Developer’s Guide to Selling Games Now Available May 1, 2006- VGSmart, a leader in independent game marketing, announced today that their first published book, The Indie Developer’s Guide to Selling Games is now available in print and PDF forms from their website, The book is an informal look at game marketing, from development to post-published. While neither a research paper nor a text book, it contains a mix of opinions, facts, and crash courses in marketing. It is written to be an enjoyable read even if the developer in question despises marketing. The book is divided into six main chapters, covering marketing in pre-production, production, release, post-release, and looking to the future. The sixth chapter covers some advanced marketing theories, including Joseph Lieberman’s Motivational Pyramid, a unique perspective on motivating the sale of games by using a hierarchical structure of motivational factors specifically found in games. Samples of the book’s first three pages and the table of contents are available at the website. More information on VGSmart can be located at Visit our Blog at

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