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World Of Legends - RPG Project

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Hi people. I'm making a text RPG called World of Legends, WoL for short. Now, you might think, "Why would I want to play a text RPG?" Well this text RPG is unique, very unique, not like those that have a direction based system (ex : north, south, east, west, etc. ). In this text game, you use number commands to move throughtout the game in a simple and satisfying way. Anyway, WoL is going to be massive when finished, and will have the following : 5 player classes, each with it's own set of armor and weapons 15 quests over 100 monsters a set of legendary armor 5 armor types, each with around 10 varieties for each player class over 50 spells and special attacks inventory, god powers, and blessings that can be collected areas in quests to explore dungeons with a "number grid" map to navigate throughout with boss for each over 150 types of potions save/load feature to continue your game, and loads in less than a second ability to ask NPC's for answers to things story based path quest for the rainforest quest ability to smith armor and weapons, and craft potions using materials jobs that you can apply for, and then earn money special battle function techniques like defend and retreat bows and arrows in the game, with several types of bows 3 bow moves in the game, each with its own advantages and disadvantages special shops such as the tool shop and the workshop special areas in the game such as the castle area in town the special areas can also contain extra information or reference to the game to teach you more about the game history, such as the Rune King, for example a mentor to teach you the beginnings of the game random battle attack moves - monsters can fierce attack you and poison you, and you can also poison the monsters as well sample save files that give you a powerful character (you can also continue the game using them as well if you like) I have a forum at my website that you can use to discuss WoL, which is where I will post the main topics about it. I might not be posting here all the updates about it, so check back to my forum for the latest updates. The URL for the forum is this : : Just copy and paste the code onto your address bar. Currently I only have 2 out of 15 quests finished, and only 22 spells so far, but I'm working on it. You can download the game by going to my website. Also, I would very much appreciate it if you would sign my guestbook (in the upper right hand corner), or even use the forums. I haven't really been getting that much feedback lately on WoL besides the visitors replying here and those that are coming to my website. This also helps me update things some more, tweak the game in some ways, and even correct for bugs that I have missed. The address for the WoL homepage is the one below : There you will find all the releases available for download, but be sure to download the latest release - Release 2.7.0 You can download the latest release (Release 2.7.0) with the link below : <--game executable <--source code Post all your comments here please, and tell me what you think. Oh, and I'm also going to let you make your own spells too. Just post what you want the spells to do, and maybe I'll make it. This goes the same for special attacks as well. Enjoy! -Ryan

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