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Is anybody using the FreeBSD amd64 build?

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I'm in the middle of redoing a lot of the systems here in my home network and so I just wanted to see if anybody is using the amd64 build and what their experience is? I use i386 for my SVN / bugtracker / backup server and was thinking about installing the amd64 build on this system: ASUS A8V Deluxe Mobo AMD FX-53 2GB DDR400 Geforce 6800GT 250GB HDD Samsung DVDROM Sony DVDRW Linksys Wireless-G (I'm assuming there isn't atheros support yet and I will have to use a wired LAN) After going through the notes I am assuming the OS will work fine on this workstation but I'm not sure what to expect for driver and application support. I don't use the onboard RAID so that isn't a problem although the HDD is SATA which I hope isn't a problem. If anybody has used this build with any of the above hardware at all please let me know how it has worked out. Is anybody running Code::Blocks on this platform? Thanks for any information.

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