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[web] How does my layout look

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Recommended Posts Just been experimenting with layouts, tell me what you think of it.

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Don't take this the wrong way but it looks like it was designed for children. If that is the idea then a great job if it is for adults then not so good.


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It's alright.

  • A different font for your main logo.
  • Less padding in the main section.
  • There's no reason the whole thing shouldn't fit on a single 1280*1024 screen.
  • Add a "Search" sublink under the "Bazaars" link and remove the giant "Search Bazaars" link entirely.
  • Grammar check.
  • Consider making the entire rectangular cells that house your navigation into links instead of only the words. That is, like the tabs here.
  • Antalias your character with the white background.
  • Smooth and antalias the curving edges of your orange layout boxes.
  • Make the "SIGNUP" image link a rollover.
  • Don't use both "sign up" and "signup," especially on the same page!

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