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Planning text adventure in C#

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Ok, I'm creating a text adventure in C# for my spanish class. I've got to next Thursday, not coming up, which gives me 2 weekends(Including this one(Sunday) and about 2 full school weeks to work on it. Right now, over this weekend, I'm planning on how to program it, so I can work on script and details of everything during this school week, which'll give me a good amount of programming time I think. The game is based on an airsoft(Military simulation) CQB(Close Quareter Battle) course, and I need to use possession and objects in houses primarily in spanish. I'm planning on creating a room, object, and person class. Then creating the room instances of the room class, which will have exits and object instances from the object class with person instances from the person class. Since I'll be playing the game for the class, I'll simply have if statements for the possible exits and have them lead to different room instances containing the object and person instances. Then, I'll have if statements such as, Frag and Enter, Enter, Flash and Enter, and you'll simply clear the room, as easy as that. If I have extra time, I want to go into Visual C# Express (What I'm using) and create a form with a few tabs. The major part of the form will be the text screen, and below it an input area. That will be the "ported" console part. Then on the right side, I'll have a screen at the top, and tabs below it for Equipment, States, Inventory, and a few other things, and when clicked, will display the appropiate text in the screen. Do I have it down? Will I run into problems besides the usual mistype or other user error?

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