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Oppinions on LevelRoom and LevelManager

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I have a game project (FF-like RPG) in the works and after much deliberation I decided to use Irrlicht as the engine(pls no boycots, and no n00b posts :D). I decided to load levels from XML files under the structure of "Level->Rooms". So could anyone tell me if i'm doing ok or if i need to change some aspects, please? Room
class cLevelRoom
            int   m_ID;
            int   m_iNextValidID;
            char* m_cName;
            bool  m_bVisible;

            irr::core::aabbox3df Room_AABB; //culling purposes, collision purposes
            irr::core::array<irr::scene::ISceneNode*> m_pDisplayMeshes;
            irr::core::array<irr::scene::ISceneNode*> m_pCollisionMeshes;
            irr::scene::IMetaTriangleSelector* m_pMetaTriangleSelector;
            irr::scene::ISceneManager* m_pSceneMgr;

            void addVisibleMesh(char* meshname, video::ITexture *texture, irr::core::vector3df position, irr::core::vector3df rotation, irr::core::vector3df scale, irr::video::E_MATERIAL_TYPE material_type);

            void addCollisionMesh(char* meshname, irr::core::vector3df position, irr::core::vector3df rotation, irr::core::vector3df scale, bool use_AABB_not_Mesh);

            void moveSceneNode (int m_iNodeID, irr::core::vector3df m_vNewPos);
            void enableFog (bool flag);
            void setVisible (bool flag);
            char* getName(){return m_cName;};

            void processTriangleSelector(); //build up meta triangle selector
            void processRoom(); //update room

            void init(int id, char* name, irr::scene::ISceneManager* ScnMgr, irr::core::aabbox3df startAABB);
            void clear(); // free tri. selector, delete meshes
class cLevelManager
            bool m_bIsWorldMap;
            irr::core::aabbox3df Level_AABB;

            irr::scene::ISceneManager* m_pSceneMgr;
            core::array<cLevelRoom*> m_cuRoomArray;

            DS3D::Game::cLevelRoom* createRoom();

            void addRoom(char* name, bool visible);
            void removeRoomByID(int roomID);
            void removeRoomByName(char* name);
            DS3D::Game::cLevelRoom* getRoom(int roomID);

            void setRoom_Visible(int roomID, bool flag);
            void setRoom_Fog(int roomID, bool flag);
            void addLight(core::vector3df lightPos);
            void update();

            void loadFromXML(irr::IrrlichtDevice* device, char* filename);
Thanks for the comments in advance. :D (Help a n00b out here, will you? :) )

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The only thing I have issue with is the 'int m_iNextValidID;' in the cLevelRoom class.

I'm assuming that since each room has a particular id, then that is the next valid id for when a room is being added? If so, then it shouldn't really be there. A single room shouldn't care about future rooms, the cLevelManager class should care about that.

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