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Books, books, hummmmm!........

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If you want to get familiar with DirectX, try to get "Inside DirectX" /MS-Press. It's not very cheap, but it's worth it!
For game programming "Windows Game Programming For Dummies" by André LaMothe would be the right choice. I've never read it, but everyone here is sayin' that it's great

Have a look at the BOOK REVIEWS here at GDnet


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well, before you worry about game programming you need a firm base in c\c++ to learn c++ I recomend Sams teach yourself c++ in 21 days, it will teach you the simple and complex stuff. Then when you really understand c++ you can get into games I recomend Windows game programmuing for dummies or I heard the new Tricks of the windows game programming gurus is supposed to be good, and its brand new. and to answer your question on wether or not c++ is a good language for small games, well if you know it well c\c++ is the perfect language for almost anything.

Good luck,

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Hi! this is me, Tyler.
I am totaly new to C/C++, Game Programing, anything to do with programing realy.
What would be the BEST book for me? The cost of it hopefully is around $10-$30.00, I know that you cant get much of one for that but oh well. I am 13 and would like to get a Good start in developing games and applitcations. I am not sure if C is my language for making small games (For now)
or not, but could you tell me if it is?
Thank you for your time,

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i started programming a while ago too (~13 maybe). what i did was goto Barnes and Noble every weekend, search the bookshelves for interesting programming books, then read a bit into it. if i could understand and learn from it, i'd goto my dad and say "hmmm, i think this would really help me get into college", and voila! new book for me =)

anyway, try to find books that you can understand and is easy to read

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