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Multiple Rendering Contexts And Multiple Threads

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I'm currently working on an application that requires multiple rendering contexts with the use of multiple threads. There is currently two rendering contexts. One belongs to one thread and the other context to another. On thread has a tick rate of 30 Hz and the other is 10 Hz. The application is running on a PCIE Geforce 7600 GT. Plenty of processing power there. The problem that I am having is when both of these threads are running and rendering to there respective rendering contexts, a extreme drop in frame rate is visible. When I say extreme drop, the frame rate is a constant 30 fps but when the second thread is rendering, the frame rate drops to 5 - 10 fps. This is not a constant frame rate drop. The frame rate fluctuates between these values. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less. The first thing I started playing with were the driver settings. I would very one thing and try another. I have come to find the problem. Using all the settings to give maximum performance, when vsync is enabled, I notice this problem. When vsync is disabled, I do not notice this problem. I know what vsync does. I can kind of see how the vsync is affecting the frame rate. When the buffer is about to be swapped out, it has to wait for the next refresh before the buffer is swapped. Because of this wait, I am assuming that the other thread is locked out from doing anything. This could explain the weird fluctuation in the frame rate I was seeing. I'm not really sure. Does anyone know if this seems likely to be the problem or could there be something I am doing wrong? Has anyone run across this in their applications that could provide some useful tips? Thanks for the help.

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