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Various Design Document Formats

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I bet this question is asked all the time so i spent some time trying to find the answer somewhere on the site, alas i failed in doing so. Could somone please link me a format for design documents for as many game types as possible from Puzzle Games to MMOs. If not, link me to where this was previously answered. Thanks all.

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Hi Dasubermechen,

There isn’t necessarily a "format" for particular types of games.

As the purpose of a design document never really changes, the types of information contained within the document remains relatively consistent. The most important question is what type of information should be included in your design document. With that being said, specific types of games might need some extra exploration or information with regard to a specific topic. This is natural. But once you're comfortable with the types of things which go in a general design document I feel confident that you should be able to determine for yourself what information should go in a design document for your specific type of game.

With all of that being said, a search here on GDNet for "Design Document" received the following hits:

Our Design document reference section
An article here on GDNet about design document formats
A nice article here on GDNet that talks ALL about design treatments and design documents
A nice, full example design document

These are just some of the results and should be helpful in formulating your own format for a good design document. There are also a few good books on game design which talk about design documents. Many of them should be in GDNet's book review section.

Cheers and good luck!

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