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File format optimizations

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Hay, direct question - how to effective write AABB tree into file. Our current file format is hierarchy of nodes. Nodes can have MESH or not, animation keys, etc. One flag in MESH data specifie if that mesh has AABB tree. Current file just write AABB node as: NODE_HEADER: BOX BoundBox; BOOL HaveLeft; BOOL HaveRight; NODE_HEADER Left; // if HaveLeft != FALSE NODE_HEADER Right; // if HaveRight != FALSE DWORD NumberOfTriangles; TRIANGLE Triangles[]; // only in LEAF node But I can not imagine mash that have AABB tree that is not balanced? Is this right? If I'm right than best solution is to keep and write AABB tree in array. And if I'm not right, than any sugestion will be good. Thanks, Zaharije Pasalic P.S Sorry for my bad english!

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