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Need to get a value from the registry (C++)

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gandolf1212    100
I need to get \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\DataBasePath from the registry, it is a REG_EXPAND_SZ. Anyone know how to do that, or at least the basic commands / libraries so I'll have something to lookup? Thanks

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gandolf1212    100
I lookd up those functions, and it seems like it is going into the keys alright, but I can't get my data out from them.

Here is what I have:

HKEY *ptr1;
HKEY *ptr2;
HKEY *ptr3;
HKEY *ptr4;
HKEY *ptr5;
HKEY *ptr6;
BYTE *lpData;
LPDWORD lpcbData;
DWORD buffer_size = 1000;
long ec = 0;

memset(lpData, 0, sizeof(lpData));

if(ERROR_SUCCESS == RegOpenKeyEx(*ptr1, "CurrentControlSet", 0, KEY_READ, ptr2))
if(ERROR_SUCCESS == RegOpenKeyEx(*ptr2, "Services", 0, KEY_READ, ptr3))
if(ERROR_SUCCESS == RegOpenKeyEx(*ptr3, "Tcpip", 0, KEY_READ, ptr4))
if(ERROR_SUCCESS == RegOpenKeyEx(*ptr4, "Parameters", 0, KEY_READ, ptr5))
if(ERROR_SUCCESS == (ec = RegQueryValueEx(*ptr5, "DataBasePath", NULL, lpType, lpData, &buffer_size))){}
else cout<<"1Error"<<endl;
else cout<<"2Error"<<endl;
else cout<<"3Error"<<endl;
else cout<<"4Error"<<endl;
else cout<<"5Error"<<endl;
else cout<<lpData<<endl;

I am trying to figure it out looking at the MSDN but it doesn't really say how to put everything together.


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Prototype    2014
There's no need to step through each subkey, you can use the full registry path to access a key directly. See also the example on MSDN.

RegOpenKeyEx( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,"SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\ ...

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