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2D Retro MMORPG - Graphics Designers Needed

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Ok, we are creating a 2D retro mmmorpg, and we need graphic designers to help us, here is some info on the game so far and some of our ideas: Game Name - Fira (open to suggestions) Genre - Fantasy, MMORPG Classes - After much discussion where still unsure, everyone as one "starting character? or separate classes? i.e. warrior, priest etc Server - We have a dedicated 24/7 dell 4 tunnle Server. Engine and Features - we have created a custom mmorpg engine written in visual basic 6 here a few of our already coded features: save the Damsel In Distress Quest System Visual Bank capture the flag Sell System Resting 1h and 2h weapons Right Clicking, like runescape(click on characters npcs etc and have a menu) Mouse Based Movement Talking NPC'S(like warcraft) Mini Map Skill Trainers Different spell types: normal damage healing Damage Over Time ShapeShift Damge Absorb (shield) invisability snare/root in place speed decrease/increase (for certain amount of time) buffs (e.g. plus 5 strenth for 30 mins) Graphics Designers Now anyone that would like to help please note this is a non-paying job, your part of the game team you in effect are a part owner the game with me and other team members(we only have a small team),the game will most likely be non- fit anyway but any money made will either go back into the game ot shared equally between all staff members, your ideas for feature development graphics, everything you would like to see in it will most likly be added. What you will need to do: Tiles - (all different environments, forests, citys, mountains etc) Sprites - (2 base characters a male and female and shop keepers(s) monsters) Spell Animations - (you don't actually need to make it animated, i'll explain more on this if anyone wishes to help) Armour's - Weapons,armour, potions food etc as it's a 2D game we have no problem with what program you use: paint,photoshop, graphics gale anything. we are looking for as many people as we can to help out, there is no real time limit for the game as we havent been in development to long and have quite a way to go. Well, if you've read this...thanks, I’m sure I’ve missed countless things that anyone even considering helping will need to know so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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