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Trouble with Eclipse and referenced projects

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Hi guys. I've been having some trouble with Eclipse CDT and referenced projects. I have one project that is a general code library. I have another project that's an application which needs to use that code library. The application's project references the library's project. I can compile everything alright, since the headers are in order, but when it comes to the linking stage it gives me undefined reference errors for all the functions in the library. I'd imagine this is an easy fix, but I'm relatively new to Eclipse and haven't been able to figure it out myself. To be clear, I'm not trying to build a DLL and link it or anything, I'm just trying to straight compile the library into the application (as though it were all part of the same project), but I'd like to keep them physically separated on disk. With Visual Studio, this was fine because I could just add the CPP files to any project I wanted and they would all refer back to the same single file on disk. So I'm just looking to be able to compile my code library into multiple different applications without creating a ton of copies of it on the hard drive. Thanks!

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