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AABB collision help!

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I'm building an AABB tree for my 3D engine, and I need some pointers on optimizing it. First of all, my program is blowing up and getting "no memory" error if I attempt to put a reasonable amount(10 - 20 or so) of triangles into a single box, while the total triangle is around 4000ish. Secondly, how should I traverse through the tree and check for line-box collision? Currently my collision check actully runs alot shower then traversing the whole tree. Someone please give me some pointers, thanks.

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Post your ray->aabb testing algorithm.

A Simple rule of thumb is that for a ray and an aabb to colide it must collide on every axis.

if this is your box with sides ABCD

| C |
|A B|
| D |

And we have ray OP then you can perform the following quick exit tests

if ((O.x < A.X) && (P.x < A.x)) return false; // No collision
if ((O.x > B.X) && (P.x > B.x)) return false; // No collision
if ((O.y > D.y) && (P.y > D.y)) return false; // No collision

You get the idea, this is the MAIN advantage of having an AABB.. You have many early out tests.

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