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Collision on human body

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I used 3 spheres from head to feet for collision, and also they will change their position due to animation. For example, they change their alignment from vertical to horizontal if the player model die and lay on floor. O O O > O O O I tried the recursive sliding strategy but failed. The major problem is, for each iteration, which sphere collided is critical to considerate. It doesn't matter if spheres are static and don't move. But the fact is each sphere may move by its own vector due to animation, so even I found a correct vector to correct from collision, the independant sphere movement sometimes breaks the algo. Any comment on my strategy is welcome. And any guys implement collision on human-like character cooperates with animation? If so, could you share the exprience on this topic? Thank you. [Edited by - AstroBadBoy on May 18, 2006 1:25:31 PM]

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